Setting Up Your Workspace

When it comes to work space, a good office should have all the necessary things required to reduce distractions, and increase work productivity. A home office is no different and you may want to invest in making your workspace at home similar to your office at work. The first step is to designate a space in your home to work from. An empty or spare bedroom is preferable, but a desk for your computer and office supplies in a common area can work as well. Pick a spot that is quiet, with no TV on, and do your best to commit to working from this spot every day.

If possible, invest in office furniture, or at the very least a decent chair since you will be sitting for prolonged hours. You can purchase a cheap desk if needed and there are good ones you can order from IKEA if needed. And lastly, invest in good technology! Make sure you have a good, up-to-date router that can support live chat, video conferencing, or sending large files if needed. And it goes without saying, but also have a reliable source of internet like SurfBroadband!

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