Winning and Getting Better at Video Games

We are currently living in a golden age of video games, with hundreds of new titles coming out annually and bringing in more revenue each year than the film, TV, and music industry, combined. However, with millions of players and games getting progressively more and more challenging, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a little helping hand. But the Internet, as always, is your best friend when it comes to tips, guides, and any new information about upcoming video games.

Perhaps the most viewed and one of the longest lasting video game sites is Imagine Games Network, commonly shortened to IGN or They are industry leaders when it comes to gaming news and interviews with industry notables and are usually the first ones to break any big news concerning gaming, or pop culture in general.

If you are looking for specific guides to a certain game, almost every game now has its own Wiki site. This is basically a Wikipedia for that specific game where you can look up basically information including behind the scenes details, lore, and any general information about that game.

If you’re looking for an online community where users share specific content, helpful tips, or participate community events, is a great place to find a sub-reddit of your specific game. If you want to expand your gaming community even further, remains the industry leading live streaming site where pro players, online personalities, or even your friends and you can throw up a live stream of your favorite games for others to watch and enjoy. It is great for getting good at any game when you can watch the best in the world play and even answer any questions you submit in their live chat. It’s a fun and interactive way to get involved if you don’t want to be the one playing yourself.

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