Visit Santa and the North Pole Online!

Visits with Santa at the mall have long been a holiday staple. With the pandemic this year, that is no longer possible. But that doesn’t mean the experience of meeting and conversing with Santa has to go away. Like many other aspects of life, meeting with the North Pole’s most famous resident has gone virtual. There are a number of options for kids to be able to have a Santa experience online.

Macy’s Santa Land, which used to be an in-person experience at their flagship NYC store has gone virtual online at Santa Land at Home. Parents register online and the site guides kids through activities until they arrive at Santa’s workshop where they can take a selfie with the man himself. The experience is free and users can choose between a black, white, or Spanish-speaking Santa to further personalize the experience

Portable North Pole is a site where users can interact with a Santa. It’s free option is a 90-second video where he addresses your child by name and also displays their photo on a wall and mentions flying over their house. Paid options between $5-$14 add additional personal touches.

Ask Santa uses interactive AI technology to allow kids to speak with a virtual Santa that tells stories and answers relevant questions like who his favorite reindeer are and even how Santa plans to protect himself from the corona virus as he travels all over the world.

Both JingleRing and Santa's Club are paid options that allow users to have a virtual one-on-one session with a diverse range of Santa's over Zoom. Due to high demand, users are encourage to reserve spots in-advance.

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