Using Technology to Your Advantage when Working from Home

Just because you're not in an office with your co-workers and fancy office equipment does not mean your productivity has to suffer as well. Advances in technology have made working from home more viable than ever before. Many companies use cloud services to allow a remote desktop to access a company's servers with all their work programs and files easily available to use, just like you would if you were on-site at an office. An easy to use form of cloud services is Google Drive, Google's own file sharing/editing service that allows uses to share and edit docs converted from Microsoft Office, and PDFs in real-time. All of which can be shared with select users with a click of a button.

Video conferencing is also a very popular tool to encourage face-time between employees and clients establishing a more personal connection than could be achieved using text chat or over the phone. Popular services include Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. And while all of this can be done from home, or any other remote location, you will still need a reliable source of internet with fast speeds to support your work activity. SurfBroadband has a number of packages designed to meet the needs for video streaming and video teleconferencing for the weekday warrior working from home.

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