The Internet is Alive, with the Sound of Music

Music can be a way to relax, or the literal livelihood for many. With recent events, it’s only natural that human beings revert back to the things that can give them comfort and happiness. Since the internet first came into prominence, music has played a huge part in history giving people a new way to distribute, share, and discover like never before. While there are a number of popular music player apps like Spotify and iTunes, there are also a number of fun apps like Sampleton that let you create your own samples, or Karaoke Anywhere that let you sing along to your favorite songs! If you’re a composer, there are a number of apps like the popular Garageband which let you compose and mix music that can be shared across other devices bringing the studio everywhere you go.

If you’re looking to learn a new instrument and want help from a live teacher, Lessonface and OrpheusAcademy are great at pairing student of all skill levels with engaging teachers. Or if you’d rather learn on your own, there’s always our favorite Youtube! And finally, if you’re antsy about wanting to catch a live show somewhere, here’s a list that is constantly updated with live streaming concerts by some of your favorite artists.

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