The Different Ways to Pay with a Smartphone or Smartwatch

With the world shifting more and more to a digital one, the way we pay for things is no different. In addition to the simplistic and convenient nature of contactless payments, in this day and age it is also a more hygienic way to pay for your goods and services. With more restaurants and stores adopting contactless payments as an option, here are your most popular options for doing so.

Apple Pay – On any iPhone 6 or later, and all Apple watches, you can add up to a dozen cards that are supported by almost every US bank. And any place that has an Apple Pay logo, you can use contactless payments from your phone or smartwatch to pay for goods. You can even ask Siri “Where can I use Apple Pay?” for options near you.

Google Pay – Just like Apple Pay, but for Android devices, it can used on any Android phone or smartwatch device. It can also be used on Apple devices as well, but only Android devices allow you to pay for goods and service in physical locations.

Samsung Pay – Like the name suggests, this is Samsung’s version of Apple Pay and Google Pay. For now, this service is only available on Samsung Galaxy phones, or Android phones paired to Samsung smartwatches.

Fitbit Pay – Despite being bought out by Google last year, Fitbit smartwatches maintain their own payment service called Fitbit Pay. Unlike the previously mentioned devices, Fitbit Pay works on both Android and Apple devices and will continue to do so until Google decides to change it.

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