The Art of Loving Art

Whether it’s traditional paintings, photography, music, or film, art is an everyday part of our lives. Unfortunately, recent times have required many venues, festivals, and art competitions to be put on hold indefinitely. Like many other industries, those in the art world have been struggling with the after effects of a pandemic. Luckily, there are mutually beneficial ways to support your favorite local artists online!

Sites like Skill Share allow users to enroll in a variety of classes such as music lessons, follow by example painting seminars, or traditional lectures on art theory. If you wish to help directly, many artists have set up GoFundMeaccounts to help pay for lost wages and work. You can give yourself a piece of the action by directly supporting a commission from your favorite local artist! (how to set up a commission ) Or just buy directly from an artist’s website!

Sharing pictures, songs or other works of art by your favorite artists is also an easy way to help give them exposure. And if you want to thank them, take the time to make them your own thank you gift! You’ll be guaranteed to get appreciation from fellow artist. In fact, since many of you have the time, challenge yourself and others to be artists themselves and make something creative to share!

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