Streaming Watch Parties

With many movie theatres around the country still shut down, and many people still abiding by social distancing guidelines by not congregating in one area, it’s been a tough year for film lovers who want to watch a movie with their friends. There have been some work arounds like outdoor theatres and assigned seating that abides by social distancing, and even a resurgence of drive-in theatres, which have seen a surge in demand. For the homebody crowd, it may not be easy or practical to have a bunch of people over just to watch a movie.

Thankfully, the streaming services have already caught on and you can maintain most of the social benefits of watching a movie with friends, while abiding by social distancing guidelines. The solution is for you to host your own watch party! Many of your favorite streaming services have a feature that syncs up your film or TV show with a friend’s account so that way you can all watch at the same time, with text chat included so you can react right on cue and talk about what you just saw without interrupting other viewers. It’s a neat little feature that brings a lot to the viewer experience, and you don’t need to set it up since it’s already built in to services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. There’s even rumors of it being introduced with Disney+ in the near future.

And if you are watching something that isn’t on a platform that allows watch parties, there’s always Zoom or Google Hangouts which you can use to chat about the movies you are watching (however syncing the video might become a bit of a chore).

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