Preparing for Going Back to School, Virtually

There is a big national discussion about if and how students will be able to safely go back to school. The latest report from the American Academy of Pediatrics confirms that children learn best when they are in a school environment. However, returning to school in person requires special considerations related to the current pandemic that parents and teachers will need to work together to decide what is right for their kids.

Many schools are currently exploring options for lessons to be taught remotely, and some have already committed to doing so. Whether or not your child’s school will be conducting lessons exclusively, there is little doubt that the internet and remote learning are going to play a bigger part than under otherwise normal circumstances. Therefore, it will be essential for all students and teachers to have reliable sources of internet that can support potential internet activity, such as video conferencing and file sharing.

If you are a parent that will be home schooling your kids, there are a wealth of online resources you can use for lessons, including a wealth of educational streaming services and an endless supply of online books to read. We even have a blog post dedicated to resources online specifically for home schooling!

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