Playing Xbox Games, on your Phone!

Microsoft, the company that owns the Xbox brand of games and consoles, recently announced its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a monthly service that allows users access to more than 150 titles. This in and of itself can be considered a great thing for the consumer as it allows users to play all the latest games when they come out for $1 for the 1st month and $15 each month after, without having to pay $60-70 for each title. But what makes this service different from others is how everything is stored and accessed via the cloud, and is compatible with devices supporting Windows or Android.

What this means is that you can now play your AAA Xbox games on your nice PC, or on the go with your Android phone with a connected controller. That’s right, the dream of many gamers to be able to play Halo or Gears of War on their phone is finally about to come true! And as of right now, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate should be live and users can sign up right away and check it out for themselves, all for $1! As a step in the right direction for consumers, this will hopefully be a sign of things to come if and when Sony and Nintendo decide to follow suit in the near future.

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