Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

With so many things having to be cancelled or shut down this year, few events are probably worse to cancel than a wedding. Despite the CDC restricting gatherings of more than 50 persons, and federal guidelines proposing no more than 10, it is still possible to safely throw a wedding if you wish to celebrate. The popular wedding planning website,, continues to be a great resource for couples still trying to plan their celebrations for this year, or possibly next year. If you’re looking to postpone your wedding or adjust your wedding timeline due to Covid, the folks over at theKnot have done all the work for you.

If you’re still in the early planning stages and have not settled on a date, here are some handy articles from the website that may help.

Remote wedding planning - Other than trying on a dress or suit, you can still plan and shop for most of your wedding online

Wedding Insurance - Do I need it? Will I be covered for Covid related incidents? Can federal or state guidelines affect my coverage? All things you may want to consider

Guest Lists - With limitations on gatherings, choosing who to invite can be tough and there are many other factors you may want to consider to help narrow down your list

Rethinking Customs - Many of the traditional wedding customs we have grown used to, such as a bouquet toss or receiving lines to greet guests, may have to be adjusted or outright eliminated in favor of something else

Dates To Avoid - Many other couples will be thinking the same thing as you when they are planning their weddings, be a step ahead and give your wedding date some careful thought

Honeymoons - With US travel outside the country being restricted, and uncertainty about when that will change, make sure to plan your honeymoon accordingly

Other Options - A traditional wedding isn’t the only way to say “I do”, there are such things as “minimonies”, “microweddings”, or you can even just elope like they do in the movies!

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