Online Library in the Digital Age

You would think that with the advent of the Internet and the rise of computers, video games, and streaming video that the days of reading books are more of a thing of the past. And while it is true that Americans spend less time on average reading than they did before, some 72-74% of Americans read at least one book a year, and young adults in particular still consistently use the library for research and borrowing books more than their older counterparts. And if you’re someone without access to a library, or are trying to keep from going out unnecessarily, there a bunch of resources online that you can employ as a virtual library with free books you can read and enjoy.

· Google eBookstore – Google’s online library of digital books includes a section with free to download bestsellers and classic in several formats

· Project Gutenberg – This pioneering volunteer site catalogues a number of free e-books including a number of literary classics

· Open Library – With more than 1 million free e-books, this catalog is a project of Internet Archive and allows users to contribute their own books

· Internet Archive – Speaking of Internet Archive, their main website features a number of out of print books, as well as a number of academic and historical books as well

· Free eBooks – A self-explanatory site, it features a wide variety of categories to choose from and the ability to look up reviews and ratings for each book

· International Children's Digital Library - A youth focused site, it has a number of ebooks from literary classics to popular bestsellers in a wide variety of languages from English to Farsi, all for free

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