No gym? No problem!

With people cloistered at home, it can be tough to find the motivation and resources to get your daily work out in. Thankfully, with the advantages of the internet, working out from home has never been easier, or more fun! There are a number of apps and other resources to help you do just that for free, or through subscriptions. That means no buying equipment if your budget is tight, or the space in your home is small.

ClassPass - This free to use app recently suspended it’s live workouts, but you can still access it’s library of 2,000+ workout videos broken up in 30 minute classes that can easily be stacked for longer workouts.

The Yoga Collective - Like the app says, this is a yoga, pilates, and guided meditation focuses app. You can pick between 10 minute short meditations, or an hour of advanced yoga. Currently it comes with a 15-day free trial that converts to a paid subscription is you find that you like it.

STEEZY Studio - Have you found yourself watching dancing videos on Youtube and wish you could be like that? Well now you can. STEEZY has a slew of dance tutorials for beginner and veteran dancers of all types. You can currently take advantage of a 7-day trial and get your groove on.

Nike Training Club - Nike’s own workout app covers everything between cardio, strength training, and yoga. You can specify exactly what body part or muscle group you want to work on and the app creates a list of relevant workouts. Currently the premium service is free until further notice.

The gyms may be shut down, but that doesn’t mean your body and mind gets a break too. With the power of the internet, you too can take advantage of everything it has to offer.

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