Making Your Smartphone Even Smarter!

New smartphones typically come pre-loaded with a suite of useful apps, whether it’s a map to get around, a note taking app, or an app to check email. However, there are thousands upon thousands of 3rd party apps to choose from now, and some are more useful than others. The following are some useful apps that can have an immediate and tangible effect on your daily life.

Waze – an already popular app, Waze is an upgraded version of Google Maps that has strong user generated data that shows real time traffic and hazards on the road that other users can spot and add to the app themselves.

OpenTable – if you’re planning on eating out, there’s no easier way to book a reservation and see what is available than OpenTable, your virtual host that has many restaurants partner with.

Calm – whether you’re looking for something to help your relax, some guided meditation, or a way to help you fall asleep, Calm is a free to use app that can help with all of that with by reducing stress, increasing happiness, and improving sleep

Venmo – we all know the feeling of being short on cash, or not having enough small bills to split a bill. Venmo makes paying back your friends and people you know super quick, easy, and safe.

Duolingo – this is a great all in one app that can serve as a translator for when you’re traveling, or a virtual teacher to help you learn a new language

MyFitnessPal – this free to use health app not only serves as a typical workout app that tracks user health data, but also incorporates the user’s diet with a database of 3.2 million types of foods you can select and add to your calorie intake that is tracked

Find my iPhone and Android – this one is pretty straightforward and one of the most essential for when you lose your phone and need to track or lock its content remotely

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