Making the Most of a Stay-At-Home Summer

Even the most strict abiders of the recent stay at home orders around the country will have a hard time doing so in the midst of a beautiful summer day. That doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy some of what summer has to offer. Consider the following:

Make your own ice cream!

It’s not a real summer without ice cream, and here are some easy recipes you can make at home;

Go camping!

Ok so depending on where you live, this may not be as easy as going off into the wilderness nearby and pitching a tent. Nothing says you can’t pitch it in your backyard, and enjoy s’mores and other camping delights, with the added convenience of indoor plumbing not far away;

Go to a drive-in movie theater!

While most cinemas have closed indefinitely due to COVID, drive-in theaters have seen a recent surge in popularity since you can still maintain safe-distancing guideline from the safety of your car. Look up theaters near you here. Or, just make your own in your backyard with a white sheet and projector!

Pick up a new hobby!

With some much free time at home, there’s almost never been a better time to pick up a new hobby. Remember, Youtube can absolutely be your best friend in this situation!

Grill out!

Since many of us are already cooking more from home, why not take advantage of that grill of yours? Whether it’s meat or vegetables, a grill just makes it all better. You can look up recipes on any number of countless websites, including here and here

Go take a hike

If you really just need an excuse to get out and stretch your legs, there are a number of parks that are still open to visitors who maintain social distancing guidelines. You can find ones in your respective state here

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