How to Recycle Old Electronics

Unnecessary waste is already a large problem in the world, same can be said about electronic devices. We are now producing about 21% more e-waste globally than we did five years ago. With phones and other devices getting updated every year, people may have no use for their older, outdated devices. Hence why it would be worth repurposing your old device for some other useful task.

Here are a few ideas:

Convert your old phone/tablet into a security camera - Using software like Manything or Alfred and a cheap mount, you can turn your old camera or tablet into a remote security camera that you can access from another phone from anywhere in the world.

Use your old phone/tablet as a media remote – With so many streaming services and smart devices, managing them on a traditional TV remote can be a bit of a hassle. By dedicating one device just for streaming, you can keep and share all of your streaming accounts on one device that can be shared amongst the whole family.

Using an old laptop as a media center – A similar idea as the one mentioned before, you can repurpose an old laptop to serve as a media center that stores all your videos and music that can be streamed around the house. Because the application that run media are usually lightweight, that leaves more storage for the media itself. Open source tools like Kodi and Plex are free to use and can help you get started

Use an old digital camera as a webcam – If you decide to upgrade your DSLR to something better, you can still save your old digital camera to be used as a high quality webcam, especially when compared to built-in webcams on many laptops. This can be great for being used for video chatting of streaming services like Twitch so views can see you play live.

Use an old tablet as a digital picture frame– An old tablet can still have a new life as a place to display your favorite photos of you and your friends and family. Apps likeFotooon Android, orLiveFrameon iOS can be used to turn any tablet into a digital frame.

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