How to Improve Your WiFi

No one likes a bad internet connection, especially if you are working from home. If you are using a router there are thankfully some steps you can take to boost its signal and existing speed.

One thing to be conscious of is the amount of internet traffic that is flowing at any given time. If you and another person were just browsing the web on your smartphones, you probably won’t notice any difference in service. But if several people in the house were to go on a Zoom video chat call at the same time, you might notice some lag and distortion in the video and audio quality from bandwidth having to be split between so many devices that each require a lot of bandwidth to operate properly.

There’s also the consideration of where your router is located. Typically you would want it near the center of the home you are in to maximize the router’s coverage. However, depending on where your workstation and home entertainment set are, you may want to consider moving the router closer to those locations to improve signal quality. If that is not an option, consider purchasing a wifi extender that does just that, extend the wifi range of router to reach further in your house. Of course, if you want the absolute fastest and most reliable connection possible, and assuming your device has an Ethernet port, you can also simply connect your device to the router itself with an Ethernet cable.

If you’ve done all this and your connection is still too slow for you, it may be time to consider calling your internet service provider and request an upgraded package that can better suit your needs.

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