How to Get Politically Involved

Regardless of your beliefs or political affiliation, one thing all can agree on is that eventually the thoughts and opinions we hold will eventually need to be turned into action. While we are still months away from the 2020 election, and while we can rely on others to act for us, there are always options to take action yourselves:

1. Know your local representatives and politicians

Want to know who represents you, the bills they’ve introduced, the committees they serve, and their political contributors? Check out where you can look up all those things

2. Know ways to get in touch

The US Government’s official website,, is an excellent way to look up contact information for everyone between your local officials to the President himself. There’s even a helpful section where you can speak with a government official for free if you have any questions, or need guidance on how to navigate the site

3. Identify issues you care about and study them

This requires a bit of homework, but luckily you have the internet to help you. Just be careful to obtain information that is cited and referenced properly. has a list to help you get started including brief descriptions of each side’s arguments and polling data from the past election on how people voted on that issue

4. Attend town hall meetings

A town hall is where everyday citizens can have their actual voice heard by their own politicians who can actually do something about it. Your congressman will usually have a schedule of town halls on their website

5. Know your School Board

Particularly if you have kids, you will want to make sure that you are aware of their curriculum while also familiarizing yourself with those that educate them. The National School Boards Association website can tell you everything you need to know about school boards and how to get involved

6. Volunteer your time to you community

Being active and participating in volunteer causes can itself be a form of political action. is a great website to look up volunteer opportunities in your area

7. Register to vote

All it takes is a few minutes. Go to

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