How to Choose Between Gaming Services

It was not that long ago where people would have to wait in line for a physical copy of their favorite game so that they could go home to play it. Now you can just simply download your favorite games onto the console of your choice, from the comfort of your home. With digital game downloads outpacing physical game sales, and consoles now shipping with no disc drive, game subscription services have also seen a surge in popularity. These one size fits all services are simply the Netflix of gaming; you pay for a flat monthly subscription that gives you access to a large library of games from that publisher or game console manufacturer and their partners. And like Netflix, instead of downloading games directly on to your hard drive you can even stream games directly to your console to save memory space.

Sony is one of the two big players in video games, the other being Microsoft. Playstation offers both Playstation Plus, and Playstation Now game services. Playstation Plus is an online multiplayer service for $9.99/mo that allows users to play multiplayer games with their friends, while also featuring a few select titles that users can play for free with the service. Playstation Now is the actual Netflix of Playstation games. As a separate service that is also $9.99/mo, it gives users access to hundreds of Playstation titles, including some of the latest releases, and requires a stable internet connection to work properly.

The other big console player here is Microsoft and its Xbox game console. Xbox Live Gold is just like Playstation Plus in that it is a monthly service that simply allows users to play multiplayer games, while featuring two free titles for users to play, and is also $9.99/mo. Xbox Game Pass for console is the Playstation Now equivalent for Xbox that allows users to play hundred of Xbox games for $9.99/mo. Xbox Game Pass for PC is the PC version of Xbox Game Pass, also $9.99/mo. And finally, if you want all of these services together you pay for the Xbox Game Pass ultimate that combines all the Xbox services into one for $14.99/mo. If you’re a big gamer, that is probably the best choice for you.

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