Holiday 2020 Tech Gift Ideas

With the season of giving upon us, it may be time to think of what to get for the tech savvy people in your life. There are a number of good options for all sorts of interests and for budgets of any kind. Here are some to consider:

A streaming device - We’ve touched upon this before, but streaming devices can make for a great gift that for anyone who likes watching TV and films online that still doesn’t have a dedicated device for streaming content.

“Smart” devices for your home - Another useful kind of gift is a smart device for your home that can either be a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa, or a device like Google Nest that monitors and regulates your in-home thermostat.

eReaders - For techy bookworms, there’s always the option to get them an e-reader that is easy to use and more portable and lightweight than most hardcover books, with the ability to store several hundreds if not thousands of books, magazines, and other print media.

Home game console - With the launch of the new generation of gaming consoles, there’s been high demand for the new PS5 and Xbox Series X. There’s also the ever popular and notoriously hard-to-track-down Nintendo Switch as well.

Wireless earbuds - Since the launch of Apple’s 1st gen Airpods, wireless earbuds have been all the rage lately. Now there are a number of them out now that directly compete with Apple’s Airpod Pros, a popular holiday gift item themselves.

Bluetooth trackers - For our forgetful loved ones, devices like Tile Mate can be attached to your keys or wallet to be able to track and find them if they ever get misplaced or stolen.

Car dashcam - Whether it’s for legal reasons, or just simple peace of mind, dashcams for your car are a great and useful item that have only increased in popularity in the US in the past several years.

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