Help With Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolutions

With many of us looking ahead to 2021 and eager to put 2020 behind us, there’s the annual decision of whether or not to establish a New Year’s resolution. While it can be hard depending on what you choose, you don’t have to do it alone and there are numerous apps that can help you track your resolutions and their progress. Here are a few to consider.

Grid Diary / Journey - These are both simple diary apps for iOS and Android devices respectively. In addition to being a safe space for thoughts and reflection, they both come with helpful and positive prompts to encourage you and your journey.

MyFitnessPal - While there are many apps to help lose weight, MyFitnessPal is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and it features integration with many popular fitness trackers and other fitness apps that help with tracking calories in and out.

MyQuit Coach / Stop Smoking - If you’re someone looking to kick a bad smoking habit, both these apps on iOS and Android respectively can help set personalized plans to help you quit smoking.

Mint - Maybe you’re someone who’s not great with money and needs help setting a budget. Mint can help with that. Just enter in some basic banking information and it will automatically calculate a reasonable budget you can work around.

Productive / Smarter Time - Time management is important especially if you’re someone who has trouble meeting deadlines or being on time. Both Productive and Smarter Time help set easy to read visualized schedules that track how frequently you stick to your set schedules, with milestones for every certain number of consecutive days of being on time.

Online Therapy - Mental health has seen a rise in attention over the past several years, and for good reason. With so much stress from personal and external factors, it is important that everyone has a chance to reflect and reorient their mental facilities. Linked is a small list of recommended online therapy apps to choose from.

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