Gift Ideas for Techy Music Lovers

With the holidays fast approaching, many are still thinking of what gifts to get for their loved ones. For the techy audio lover, there are a number of great options to choose from that offer new and better ways to enjoy their favorite entertainment form.

High quality, over-the-ear headphones - Good over the ear headphones are a must for music purists that want to listen to their favorite songs as intended by the artists and producers that created them. There are a number of headphones that are either open-backed or closed-backed headphones, depending on what you prefer.

An amp to go with your headphones - For some higher quality headphones, they may require additional power provided by an amp that enables them to reach their full sound quality. Even for a pair of older headphones, you can make them sound new with even just a cheap amp that can really do wonders for expanding the sound stage and clarity.

A wireless adapter for vintage sound gear - Devices like Audioengine's B-Fi device allow users to connect it to their old stereos using optical or RCA cables and pair it with an app on their Apple or Android devices that can turn it into a wireless streaming device.

A turntable (yes, a turntable) - Vinyl has been making a sharp return, and with it is the higher demand for turntables to play them on. Vinyl is actually now more popular than it was in the late 90's. So consider giving someone a turntable that they can use to rediscover why so many people love vinyl music.

Dampening loud sounds - If you or someone else is an aspiring musician at home that is self-conscious about the noise they create, it may be worth looking into sound dampening panels that do exactly that, dampen and absorb sound like in a studio. This is also a great idea for any would be live streamers or podcasts hosts.

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