Getting Schooled at Home

As summer begins to wind down, many families are already planning on what they will do once the school year starts. Some parents are already considering options for homeschooling their own kids, and that comes with many additional responsibilities and challenges. Luckily, the internet can be a great resource to not only learn, but help facilitate making the experience more fun! Here are a number of sites to check out.

Simple Homeschool – a great blog to get started, Jamie is a veteran mom who homeschools her 3 kids and shares reviews, tips, relevant articles on curriculum as well as encouragement and inspiration to aspiring parent-teachers.

TED-Ed – This education oriented TED experience allows you to tailor a lesson around a specific TED talk.

Khan Academy – Free lessons on just about every possible topic which can either be used to work through an entire subject, or supplement your current curriculum.

Reading Eggs – Oriented for kids aged 3 and up, this site uses games and songs to make reading fun and easy! Also comes with a mobile app as well.

NASA for Students – NASA’s For Students section on their website has a number of articles, videos, and games all relating to STEM fields.

Duolingo – A popular language learning site that comes with a free to use app.

The Learning Network – A blog of sorts run by the New York Times that features articles with an emphasis on learning and education.

Special Needs Homeschooling – This site offers articles, reviews on curriculum, and other learning resources for students with autism, ADHD, or other learning disorders and/or special needs.

Project Gutenburg – A free to use online resource of more than 45,000 eBooks, including a number of classical children’s literature.

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