Fun Live Web Cams from Around the World

With the ubiquity of the internet, live camera feeds from around the world can offer us a real-time glimpse into the lives of animals, other societies, or even of Earth itself from outer space. If you’re ever bored and want a bit of an escape from the daily stresses of life, here are some live feeds of cool and interesting places you can tune in to at any time (and yes, they’re all free to access as well!)

The International Space Station - The ISS has it’s own live feed that transmits beautiful images of Earth 250 miles above it. You can even watch astronauts do spacewalks and occasionally get a little wave from them :)

Earth Cam - This site features publicly accessible live-cam feeds major cities all over the world that you can tune in to at any time. Want to check the weather in Tokyo, fireworks in Sydney, or see how high the waves are at Laguna Beach? You can from here!

Old Faithful Cam - It’s exactly that, a live feed of Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone national park, and one example of many from the National Park Service

Abbey Road Crossing - Made famous by the Beatles, this lighthearted live feed features Britian’s most famous road crossing. It can be fun watching pedestrians try to recreate the famous image taken from there.

Africam - If you’re a fan of wildlife, this might be for you. It features several live webcams stationed near watering holes that are frequented by Africa’s diverse animals that rely upon them for water.

Aquarium Cams - If you’re more into aquatic animals, both the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Vancouver Aquarium have several live webcams that let you watch animals play and swim in real time. These include sharks, sea otters, penguins, and beluga whales.

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel - Another fun live webcam if you’re a fan of watching drunk couples make big mistakes, and Elvis themed weddings.

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