Fall Home Prep

With the arrival of fall and the slow creep of winter just a few months away, we all might want to start thinking about getting our homes ready for the coming seasons. Many of us with extra time on our hands might want to take advantage of the still warm weather to do some work outside before the cold rains and snow come through. As always, the internet can be a great resource for how-to guides for things like how to winterize your home and additional tasks that you may not have even thought about. Just type “how to prep for fall and winter” into Youtube to find hundreds of videos on things like window insulation, deep cleaning your house, or getting the garden plants ready for their long winter slumber. The Weather Channel and HGTV's Youtube channels in particular are great resources to look up tips for prepping for fall/winter.

If you need work done by a professional, sites like Angie's List and even Yelp are great for looking up reviews on local contractors and home service professionals. For the more seasonal among us, you can also use Youtube and Google to look up ideas for things like Halloween decorations, pumpkin pie recipes, or the best ways to shop on Black Friday. Make the most of the Internet as a resource to make your seasonal chores that much easier!

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