Educational Streaming Services

Whether you’re a fan of history and science, or just bored and out of other things to watch, there are now a number of streaming options for nature lovers, history buffs, science nerds alike. While mainstays like YouTube continue to be a reliable source of educational content, new content providers, and even some old, have since emerged.

CuriosityStream is one of the most popular as it boast a wide library of thousands of documentaries that include award-winning exclusives and originals. At a currently limited time offer of $12/year subscription, it can be a great bang for your buck when you consider how many hours it can keep you occupied with interesting and fascinating topics.

Many of you may have heard of Twitch, an often gaming focused live streaming service. But aside from gaming, there are also a number of educational content creators, DIY channels, and hobbyists who post how-to videos. Even our favorite Bob Ross has his own official channel that streams old painting sessions every day.

PBS’s own page for shows is currently streaming an ever revolving list of it’s shows and documentaries, including many of Ken Burn’s award winning documentaries. Dive into the issues of world science with the acclaimed Novaseries, the history of the Roosevelts, or relive last year’s Austin City Limits music festival.

In times of self-quarantine, the WHO recommends a daily intake of not just physical, but mental activity as well. And despite societal concerns about the ever growing reliance on the Internet, one of the few undisputed benefits is its ability to educate and inform others. Try and see what might be out there for you!

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