Doing Good Does You Good

Whether you’re someone looking for ways to directly contribute to society, or just someone with extra time to do some good, there’s plenty of volunteer opportunities in your area. Summer is typically a great time to help out in outdoor projects like landscaping a local park or helping build low-income housing. There are also a number of summer programs for kids and young adults that require volunteer help. VolunteerMatch is a great resource to look up local volunteering opportunities. The United Way website also has a similar search function for local volunteer opportunities. With health care being strained everywhere, why not donate your time to help ease the burden? Hospitals often have sections on their website where people can volunteer their time to help health care workers.

As mentioned there are plenty of opportunities out there to make an immediate, positive impact on your community. Not only that, it’s great for one’s mental health to stay active by doing something positive for others!

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