Delivery, It’s Not Just for Pizza

Even before COVID-19, restaurants bars around the world have been expanding their customer base with the use of 3rd party delivery services. Instead of a restaurant paying for a delivery driver of their own, apps like Grubhub and Zomato (formerly known as Urbanspoon) instead employ their own drivers that are contracted to take deliveries from a wide variety of local food services. For the consumer, this means instead of relying on a restaurant to hopefully do their own deliveries, you can instead open one of these apps and select any nearby restaurant that will make your order and have it picked up by a driver employed by the app. This means your cravings will only be limited by what is near you instead of a limited selection of places that support delivery.

So if you can’t find the time to go pick-up, or maybe you’re just feeling lazy today and want to treat yourself, pick up the phone and download your key to bringing restaurant meals to your door!

(some additional delivery apps also include Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, and InstaCart)

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