Backing Up Your Photos, Videos and Other Important Files

It’s been said that one should back up their important files to at least three copies to safeguard them from data loss, but many hardly even do it even once. A few reasons for this is to ensure that you have an emergency copy if your originals and backups get lost or corrupted. If one of your storage options is on the cloud and something happens where you need to transfer your files to another service or storage device, it’s usually easier to do so using an extra copy rather than the slow, tedious and data chugging experience of transferring files via the cloud. That said, cloud storage being one of your storage options is a good idea if the physical copies on an external hard drive or another physical device are lost or damaged, you can retrieve your lost information from any other computer or device since it’s all safely stored on the cloud. Some popular and affordable cloud storage options include Google One storage, Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox, and Microsoft’s Onedrive.

Once you have your cloud storage set up, you should check to see if your device can allow for automatic back ups to happen periodically so you never have to remember to do it manually yourself. iPhones for example, users will have to go into their Photo settings, in general iOS settings, and enable the option to “Download and Keep Originals” which will backup your photos and videos for you automatically. If data usage is a worry, you can also set it to back itself up only when connected to a local wifi connection.

Using a desktop computer may be a little trickier as many applications tend to have their own dedicated file locations for storage, meaning you may have to transfer or move files into other files for a transfer of information to work properly between two different applications; ex. Moving your local Dropbox folder into the storage folder for Microsoft Onedrive.

Regardless of your chosen method of alternative storage, having any contingency storage at all will double or triple the security of your data and keep you one step ahead of disaster. And it’s way easier, convenient and affordable than you may imagine!

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